Most Sought After Biology Notes

Most Sought After Biology Notes

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Popular Question Example - Consequence of Using Too Much Fertlizer

QUESTION: The farmer is using excessive fertilizer. Explain the occasion and consequence to the plant (5 marks).

Perfect answer outline:

P/S: Use fertilizer accordingly and love our plant! :-)

Monday, 6 March 2017

KBAT Question for Chapter Locomotion & Support

This month most of you guys in Form 5 are studying our bony friend.

Let's go for one important KBAT question as stated below:

QUESTION: Study the pictures above. Based on your knowledge regarding the function of human skeletal system, 

a) explain 3 similarities between them (6 marks).
b) describe 3 differences between both structures (3 marks).

Perfect Answers:

I wonder if they could talk...


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Popular Biology Question for Transport (Chapter 1 F5) - How HIV Weakens the Immune System (5 marks)

1. Today we shall indulge ourselves into the almighty HIV which causes the much-dreaded disease of AIDS.

2. The question is mentioned above in the title, and here are the perfect score answers impeccably outlined for you guys:

3. I know many parents and teachers are inquiring about my notes. Nevertheless, I need to focus on finishing  my postgraduate studies for the time being. I shall let you guys know if the notes are available for sale through this blog.

4. Take care, and Happy Thaipusam!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

COMIC NOTES for MEMORISATION - Roles of BEN (Granulocytes)

January is here again. Form 5 students are now learning about the blood-y stuffs. Here are the notes for ya. Enjoy!

All the best!

MUST-KNOW POINTS - The Most Important KBAT Question You Should Know (Forecast SPM 2017)

Here is the very first KBAT proposed by my colleagues who are some of the best teachers in the country:

Apparently the answer is not outlined in the textbook (that's why it is KBAT!). So, we need to come up with our own relevant answers pertaining to the Chapter 2 Cells from Biology Form 4. We also can borrow from the ones we learnt before in Standard 4 Science.

Here are the perfect scores of answers:

Each tick denotes 1 mark for your score. Good luck!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Regarding the 17 Sept Seminar...

A number of parents already inquiring about the Sept 17 seminar. Thank you for such an enthusiastic responses! Here are extra info you all need to know:

1. The seminar and the notes shall be presented in full English.

2. The seminar is highly exclusive with 30 students max. I consider the group as a elite team of dedicated students who genuinely want to improve their grades and excel in their studies.

3. The seminar is highly customized to the students' preference. I shall personally monitor them so they would gain maximum benefit from the invested value of RM79.

4. If the students cannot/unable to attend the seminar (but already paid the fees), I will post and deliver the notes (with answers and extra useful tips) the students.

5. All 70++ questions have been systematically researched and designed as the most popular and frequently-asked questions which qualify them as the 'soalan ramalan' - mastering the questions would tremendously improve the students' grade. 

Hope to see you this Sept 17! All the best :-)

Monday, 22 August 2016

SIRI SOALAN RAMALAN SPM 2016 (KBAT) (3/10) - Importance of Cell Specialization & Homeostasis

Another one for you guys!

Credit goes to University of Bristol

Q: Using the graph above, answer two questions below:

a) Briefly discuss 2 importance of b-cells specialisation in pancreas. (4 marks)
b) Briefly discuss 2 importance of the homeostasis process as indicated in the graph. (4 marks)


Questions a)

Question b)